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IKS sent letter to RaceResult company asking to stop working with Russia and Belarus

March 9, 2022


To RaceResult CEO

All RaceResult distributors

Dear Sönke Petersen,

Dear Colleagues,

Dear friends in timing,

On February 24, 2022 the Russia and Belarus started full-scale invasion to Ukraine. Our cities, offices, equipment storages, homes attacked with rockets and missiles. Military tanks and machines are on our streets. They are destroying our infrastructure and killing civilians.

This war will not stop on Ukraine borders and escalate to World War 3. They will brutally continue invasion to other countries, bringing death and terror. Russia and Belarus constantly violating rules of clean sport, use doping and speculate with sports results.

Please consider taking further steps to help us to protect integrity of our sports and events business. The International Olympic Committee (IOC), International Sports Federations stop hosting events in Russia and Belarus, have recommendations to exclude these countries from member federations. Top technical companies like Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, Apple and many others closed their business for Russia and Belarus.

Please support global movement and stop selling and providing any of your products to Russia and Belarus. Event organizers in these countries support Putin regime, does not recognize Ukraine as independent country and agree with genocide of Ukrainians.

IKS is an engineering company operating in Ukraine and RaceResult customer. Our workers and friends went to this war to fight for their homes and common values with Europe. Please help us to stop this unfair brutal war.



Ivan Kachkivskyi

Ivan Kachkivskyi

Author Ivan Kachkivskyi

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